Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The One Thing -The gospel of John- John 1:1-17

About The One Thing, there are books, commentary’s, study’s and on and on out there on the Bible. I’m not nocking any of them since I myself have quite a few. But I feel that sometimes we can get an over abundance of information. I have a hard time remembering 10 or 20 different things but I can remember 1. So I’m starting this to help me to apply these precious truths in my life and I’d encourage you to do the same.


Read John 1:1-17 In this passage of scripture what’s the one thing that God would have you know and how can we apply it to our life? Your one thing is probbably going to be different than mine cause God is a God of variety and he made us all unique and that’s totally cool. I’ll share mine and if you want you can share yours that way we can get different perspectives and thus grow.

The one thing that I see in this passage is Jesus is the Light and He wants us to be filled with this light which is Him.

I can apply this to my life by asking Jesus to fill me over and over till I overflow then others will see this and will want a real relationship with Jesus. Fill me till I overflow today Lord Jesus amen