Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The worst part about hell

 What is the worst part about hell? Well according to the Bible there is never ending pain, never ending fire, and worms that eat your flesh. So your answer is probably like the one I’ve had for years until recently which is pain never ending pain. While pain is really bad I don’t believe it’s the worst part anymore because in this world we experience pain on all levels and learn to deal with it. For example I’ve had a bad back for 10 years some days I’m fine and dandy and other days I can barely walk. While pain is bad I don’t believe it’s the worst part the worst part is GOD IS NOT THERE! We have never been in a world without God the Bible says that all creation declares the glory of God Psalm 19:1. Can you imagine never hearing the birds chirp, never seeing the mountains, never feeling love or any other gift that is from God? But there is hope for us He’s called JESUS when we accept Him as our Lord and savior we can share all of eternity in Heaven with Him. If you don’t know Jesus I encourage you to reach out to Him today He’s only a prayer away!

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God bless