Saturday, November 9, 2013

True happiness

True happiness and joy are only found in obeying Jesus who is the Word made flesh John 1:14.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Crazy Love

  1. I’m reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and it’s kicking my butt right now. I just read the chapter “profile of the obsessed”. Check this out: from the book
    Risk Takers
    Haven’t we all prayed the following prayer? Lord, we pray for safety as we travel. We ask that no one gets hurt on this trip. Please keep everyone safe until we return, and bring us back safely. In Jesus’ name we pray amen The exact wording may vary a bit, but this is the standard prayer we recite before leaving on mission trips, retreats, vacations, and business trips. We are consumed by safety. Obsessed with it, actually. Now, I’m not saying it is wrong to pray for God’s protection, but I am questioning how we’ve made safety our highest priority. We’ve elevated safety to the neglect of whatever God’s best is, whatever would bring God the most glory, or whatever would accomplish His purposes in our lives and in the world. Would you be willing to pray this prayer? God, bring me closer to you during this trip, whatever it takes…
    People who are obsessed with Jesus aren’t consumed with their personal safety and comfort above all else. Obsessed people care more about God’s Kingdom coming to this earth than their own lives being shielded from pain or distress.
    Just something to chew on
    God bless