Friday, March 23, 2012

Spending Time with God

I struggle with being consistant, don't get me wrong I read the Word and pray quite frequently but I have a tendency to focus on things that I shouldn't like social media facebook, and Twitter, I believe these are a good thing but if you or I focus too much on them it becomes bad. Also my eating habbits are bad. So I am taking a season off for fasting and prayer. Praying that Jesus changes me and brings me to a place I have never been in Him. Don't worry I'll not boast about how many days and make it a pride thing. I just wanna draw closer you know.

So pray for me that I'll stay strong and not give up (which I have done more times than I can count) and if you wanna you can join the journey to and let me know how it went and I'll do likewise

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ richly bless you all amen


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A cute story- the surprising things kids say

As I am getting older I'm starting to forget things well I don't want to forget this so I'm posting it for you to read and for me to remember ha ha!

I work with kids and I came into a class room and sat down across from a little girl who was 5 years old that was coloring. I told her that she was coloring really good and I said "I want to be like you when I grow up" She looked at me with a grumpy face and she said "that's not good" now usually when I tell kids I want to be like them when I grow up they laugh and say you're already grown up. So because this was not your typical response I questioned her further I said "why" she sighed and looked at me like hey you big dummy you should know this, she said after she sighed "because God made you the person that you are, and you need to be who God created you to be"

What an awesome response from a 5 year old! She is a Pastors daughter and you can tell that God's Word is having a impact on her life.  May God continue to pour His Word into our kids amen.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Think Hard, Stay Humble: The Life of the Mind and the Peril of Pride

Think Hard, Stay Humble: The Life of the Mind and the Peril of Pride This sermon made me cry, I want to love others like this, to have a passion for souls, to spend and to be spent for others. Jesus help this message go deep into our hearts and change our very natures and hearts amen.

If you get any free time I highly recomend you take time to hear this message.

Drawing Closer to Him


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jesus heals the man with the deformed hand

I have the priviledge to teach Chapel 3 times a week at a private Christian school. This morning the age group I had was k-3rd. This mornings story is "Jesus heals the man with the deformed hand" found in Mark 3:1-6. Here are some thoughts God gave me this morning, the man in the story only had one good hand and that would limit what he could do. Like for example he couldn't make a PB&J sandwitch, or play catch ect.. Then with one touch from Jesus he was healed, but not only that his whole life was transformed! This man didn't have to listen when Jesus said "stretch ou your hand" he could have said listen here man I can't do that! Are you trying to make fun of me? Get lost! But he did what Jesus said and got the blessing. I can picture this man stretching out his hand seeing it get healed right before his very eyes and having tears of joy pour out of his eyes, I can see him clapping and jumping for joy, and giving Jesus a big hug and saying thank you Lord. I asked the kids what this man could do now that Jesus healed him. Here are some of there responses "he could tie his shoes" he can play catch" "he could dress himself" that's a good one think about how hard it would be to get dressed with one arm. My favorite response came from my daughter she said "he could have his coffee hand back" It's imoprtant to have a coffee hand LOL!

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So that means He can touch and heal you physically but also spiritually. D o you have any aches and pains, or bitterness? Let Jesus touch you today and you'll never be the same! He's only a prayer away!

God belss you all!