Thursday, February 19, 2015

Something New!

I love how God gives you stuff when your teaching His word that you never saw before. I have been teaching a group of Jr. High boys 1 Samuel chapter by chapter. And we finally got to my favorite Bible story “David and Goliath” found in 1 Samuel 17. As I was reading to them the verse that says Goliath was a man of war from his youth verse 33, God gave me this thought they probably heard stories of how Goliath had beat this guy and that, for example it could have went something like this: “he was so strong he grabbed the guy with one arm and held him up the 9 or 11 feet that he was, and laughing in his face, dropped him on his head or he took a chain and swung the guy around and beat him mercilessly with his bare hands” and on and on the stories would go. So it wasn’t only how big the giant was that made the people fear but it also was his reputation as a man of war. I had never thought of that before! Thank you Holy Spirit for revelation amen.

Here’s a little joke I heard from a sermon on David and Goliath, after David swung the stone and knocked him down then the Bible says that David used Goliath’s Sword and chopped his head off. “David knew how to get a head (ahead) in life!”

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